Becoming A Legend

I’m very excited about 2017 because I have so much projects and dreams coming true. But I must say I have learnt a lot through my journey so far, both from personal mistakes and also learning directly from prominent individuals who are currently making it in the music industry. I’ve been blessed to acquire a whole lot of knowledge that i feel would be very selfish of me not to share with my fellow musicians. Sign up to follow this blog and my email list to get access to all the knowledge i pass on. Again I’m very excited and you should be too because I have a whole lot of great things in stall. The road to becoming a legend is a long one but with determination and knowledge you are bound to succeed. Tag along with me for this exciting journey by following my blog Direct links for each posts will be available below as well. Don't forget to Like & Share with your friends. I’m accepting all review, interview and booking requests as well. 

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